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When you open an issue of View On Magazine your expectations are visions of kaleidoscope-like colors of the picturesque views of southwestern landscapes. Wilding Wallbeds of St. George, Utah opens the landscape and extend the feeling of openness inside the homes of people who purchase their products.

This trend is growing rapidly with most of the customers of this family-owned business being from outside this region and in other U.S. states and neighboring countries.

If you ask why Wilding Wallbeds, the most popular Murphy-style wallbed company in the country is housed in St. George, the answer is quality, service, detailed craftsmanship, and real wood products. In a time when most companies have shifted their core business to using particle board and other inferior products to create greater margins for their bottom line, Wilding Wallbeds has held true to its core business of quality all-wood products. The idea is to create heirloom products that last a lifetime.

Wilding Wallbeds has been saving space beautifully for over 25 years. Their showroom at 1509 South 270 East in St. George, Utah showcases twenty of its many designs for you to see, touch, and experience firsthand. The company chooses not to pay commissions to their sales team. The idea behind this decision was to create an atmosphere for their customers so they could come in, relax, and truly get to know the products they offer. It was a company goal to avoid high-pressure sales and let the products sell themselves. For those who are unable to visit a showroom, Wilding Wallbeds showcases its designs online at

Wilding Wallbeds offers a large line of Wallbeds to fit the needs of their customers. Since they are the manufacturer, they also offer customization to make the customer’s bed truly theirs. Beds are offered in oak, maple, alder, cherry, and mahogany. Other wood types, and variations of these wood species are also available. Customers can choose from a variety of stain or paint colors, or even have a color match if they need to match existing furniture.

Many describe owning a Wallbed as a lifestyle change. In the past, rooms have been compartmentalized and sectioned off for single use. The bedroom became a room where the door was shut and only used to sleep in at night. Being able to fold a bed away and open a room leaves endless possibilities for the use of space. We see rooms used for offices, work-out rooms, craft, sewing rooms, and more. Wallbed owners attest that their homes represent a substantial investment. Buying a Wallbed is more than an investment in a piece of furniture, they are purchasing the ability to recapture space in one of the most important investments they own — their living space.

For some, the Murphy-style bed turns any room into a guest room when it is needed. For others, it is their primary bed. The other trend is to add Murphy beds and/or Murphy-style bunk beds for an Airbnb or cabin rental. It would not be surprising if you experienced a Wilding Wallbed in a hotel or sleep disorder clinic. Their quality and durability are a favorite for designers of commercial installations. If you want to see how amazingly durable these beds are, you must log onto the web and go to and be prepared to be amazed!

Wilding Wallbeds offers free design services. This service includes drawings of the Wilding products in the open and closed positions in the customer’s space to help the customer create a space with proper form, function, and aesthetics. This complimentary design service is especially exciting when designing a home office. The customer’s company will be amazed at night when a hidden Wallbed is revealed, transforming the office into a fully-functional bedroom.

If you have not had a chance to experience a Murphy-style bed, stop by and see these incredible beds, or see them on the Wilding Wallbeds website. Let some of these ideas get your creative juices flowing for ways to recapture your space as you explore new ways to add flair to the design elements in your home.

Wilding Wallbeds is located at 1509 South 270 East, Suite 3, St. George, Utah and can be reached at
(435) 574-2510 or



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