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Have you ever wondered what accent you might want? French — maybe Italian or German?

No, I’m not talking language. Let’s talk colors!

You have been in your home for a few years or may have just bought it. All of your walls and trim are an off-white. It looks boring. Yes, you have colorful furniture. A red or green throw pillow on the couch, maybe your curtains are colorful. But something is not right. It’s ho-hum at best!

There are many ways you can liven up your living space. Painting an accent color on a wall or two can be one of them. It can transform a room and add personality to your home.

For many years, wallpaper was widely popular. Textures such as Venetian plaster were also used. Sponge painting, rag rolling, or even a mural can change a room’s look — depending on what type of look you want. Do you want to go with Colonial or Early American design? Bringing out the colors of moldings, doors, and casings whether stained or painted. How about large print wall coverings and/or borders with Victorian designs?

For a modest 2,000-square-foot home, I like keeping it simple. It’s easy to get carried away and make it look “too busy,”  especially when you’re coordinating colors with floors, window coverings, and furniture.

Ekaterina Barybina, an architect at BG Consultants, Inc. who specializes in interior design, explains that you can’t always trust trends you see in the media. “Something that is modern or cool is not necessarily going to make you happy,” she says. “Each space is designed for a particular function, and something that you see in a magazine may not work for your personal space.”

Choosing colors will reflect your mood. Cool colors include purples, blues, and blue-greens. These colors can have a calming effect. In a room, cool colors appear to recede, making the room appear larger. On the opposite side, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange evoke warmth. Red is associated with passion and energy. Yellow makes many people cheerful, energetic, and happy. With any of these colors, choosing a darker shade also causes an opposite effect. For example, dark blue invokes feelings of sadness and appears a little chilly. Red raises the energy level and has been shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Find a wall that stands out. The best accent wall is a wall you are drawn to when you enter the room. In a bedroom, this will be the wall at the head of your bed. Use a wall that will not be obscured or too bare, and plan your furniture placement around your accent wall. Be careful to avoid obscuring your accent wall with a large object, such as ceiling-to-floor drapes, windows, or an enormous wardrobe.

Please see for more details on colors and painting ideas.

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