Kitchens – “The Heart of the Home”

Kitchens – “The Heart of the Home”

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family most often gather. Or as the saying goes, “No matter where I serve my guests, they always like my kitchen best.”

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, take a look at your cabinets first. Are they tired and worn, maybe even scratched or chipped in some areas? Or are they a style that hasn’t been popular since the seventies?

If you decide the cabinets really need to be replaced, you have several considerations to make next. There are decisions to make about species of wood, door and drawer style, and stain color or paint.

Popular species of wood in this area of the country are Beech, Knotty Alder, Maple, and Cherry. Your decision will depend on personal preference for the look of the wood, the hardness factor, and your budget.

Next, you will select your door and drawer style. This is a matter of personal preference for raised panel, flat panel, shaker, or slab styles. There are construction considerations based on your budget and personal preferences. Your local cabinet company can best advise you on these options.

If you are planning to resell your home in the next few years, a consideration may be the current popular trends in cabinetry. For information on current trends, consult the Internet and television programs; however, be aware that trends are also regionally-based. It is important to consult local providers or designers on local trends before making a final decision. Currently in this area, the most popular trends are painted Maple in various colors, and Knotty Alder in various stains. A recent trend has been to utilize contrasting colors for wall and base cabinets or islands. 

Whether or not you choose to replace your cabinets, new countertops can make all the difference in the world to the look and feel of your tired old kitchen. Your next major decision will be which material to use to replace your current countertops. If your budget is limited, the least expensive replacement countertops will be made of laminate material, such as Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite, or Nevamar. Consumers often question which brand of laminate is best. All brands of laminate are similar in quality, so personal preference of color and pattern should be the deciding factor. Nowadays, laminates are made to resemble stone and there are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.

Another option for countertops is solid surface or acrylic material. Again, there are several brands and color options to choose from. An advantage of solid surface is that it is seamless, and various styles of integrated sinks are available.

The most unique and artistic choice for kitchen countertops is granite. Granite is a natural stone formed by Mother Nature. Nothing compares to granite in beauty and artistry. Granite is fairly heat resistant and durable, as well as shiny and beautiful. Granite must be sealed periodically because it is a porous natural surface. Sealing can easily be accomplished in less than 15 minutes using a commercial sealer in a process similar to applying polish to wood. Most sealers are spray on or wipe on with a soft cloth, leave for five minutes, and then wipe off. Sealing prevents oils and liquids from penetrating the pores of the natural stone.

Quartz is another popular choice for remodeling countertops these days. Quartz is a man-made material composed of natural quartz and acrylic. Quartz is heat resistant and does not require sealing. Quartz can be made to resemble granite with the main difference being that quartz is less shiny and the pattern is more consistent than most granite.

After you have decided on your countertop material, you will want to choose a sink. The most popular sinks today for granite and quartz countertops are stainless steel or granite composite. The granite composite sink comes in various colors and are heat, stain, bacteria, and scratch resistant. A currently popular trend is the farm sink. Be advised that a farm sink will require a specially made cabinet which will be more costly than a cabinet designed for a regular sink.

If you are planning to replace appliances, it is best to choose them first. Your cabinet and countertop providers will need to know the exact measurements of the new appliances before a kitchen plan is finalized.

Once you have made the major decisions, your local kitchen designer can help you accessorize your kitchen with items such as pull-out drawers, lazy Susans, cookie sheet dividers, spice racks, slide-out trash cans, and a myriad of other modern conveniences.

The friendly professionals at Kitchen Encounters located at 521 W. Mesquite Boulevard,Suite B, Mesquite, Nevada, phone: (702) 346-2076, will be happy to assist you in making all your kitchen remodeling decisions.


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