Awesome Adventures

Awesome Adventures

According to Wikipedia, “snowbird” is a North American term for a person who migrates from higher latitudes and colder climates of the northern United States and Canada in the southward direction in winter to warmer locales such as Florida, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, or elsewhere along the Sun Belt of the southern United States, Mexico, and areas of the Caribbean. Many snowbirds are from either the Northeast, Midwest, or Canada.

According to recent research I have undertaken, a more politically correct term for snowbirds is “winter visitors.” Apparently, this is because many people associate snowbirds with heavier traffic, slower drivers, and crowded restaurants and stores. Texas even has their own name for snowbirds: Winter Texans.

Whatever name you choose to use, here in Moapa Valley, we have always looked forward to our snowbird/winter visitors’ return each year to our community.

For decades, the mesa between Overton Beach Marina and the town of Overton looked more like an RV Park or small city than an empty desert, but since the closure of Overton Beach Marina, decreasing water levels in Lake Mead, and cut-backs in services available at Echo Bay Marina, the number of snowbirds has decreased.

Although the numbers decreased, Moapa Valley still receives plenty of winter visitors and we are thankful they choose our valley as their winter home.

Each year, the Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce hosts a “Veteran’s Day/Welcome Back Snowbirds” picnic at the Overton Park. According to Marjorie Holland, President of the Moapa Valley Chamber of Commerce, “We love having this picnic every year. We welcome the snowbirds back for the winter and have an opportunity to visit with and honor the veterans we have in our area, while we enjoy and strengthen community ties.”

The Moapa Valley Recreation and Senior Center is a great place for all visitors to experience meals, entertainment, and scheduled activities including billiards, ceramics, card games, movie nights, karaoke, and much more.

Other great ideas for snowbird activities include Valley of Fire State Park, Lake Mead, the Moapa Valley Art Guild, OLSHACS, Lost City Museum, and of course, Logandale Trails. Fall activities in Moapa Valley include the annual Moapa Valley Car & Motorcycle Show, the Logandale Bluegrass and BBQ Festival, and the Pomegranate Festival.

Moapa Valley is proud to welcome our temporary winter visitors, and we are thankful for the way they support our community year after year.

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