HeadzUp Gallery

We took a group of fun-loving people on a very unusual excursion to a brand new kind of gallery. It’s called HeadzUp, and it was truly a unique experience that no one will soon forget.

The group met at the Eureka Hotel parking lot and boarded the bus for a 9:00 a.m. departure. We had juice, doughnuts, and mimosas while waiting, courtesy of Nancy Hewett, Mark Guertin, and Ava LeMieux, to make sure we were all awake and alert for the adventure that waited. An announcement was made that there would be prizes for the most creative photos. The bus ride was enjoyable with a cut-throat bingo game to occupy our time. It’s always nice to avoid the stress of having to navigate the crazy Las Vegas traffic. Our driver Carole was a delight. We all arrived relaxed and eager to take that award-winning picture.

At HeadzUp, the staff was wonderful. We checked in and were escorted to a couple of Escape Rooms. If you don’t already know, an Escape Room is all the rage today, and is a themed room or series of rooms that you and your team are locked in to. You have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles to eventually find the way out. The object is to find that way out before your hour is finished.

Room 1: News outlets have reported a spree of car heists across the country and you are the most recent victims. You are convinced it is Greasy Pete, the shady auto mechanic from your town, and the evidence to prove it lies within his vintage auto shop. Your only chance at revenge is breaking in, finding the proof, and reporting it before he returns from lunch. Don’t expect this to be a joyride, as you’ll need to live life in the fast lane to escape this 60-minute race alive — Just remember — Be quick. Be clever. Be brave.

Room 2: Have you ever wondered where the adventures and journeys you experience at Brainy Actz come from? These are chapters in the life of one of the world’s greatest explorers, your late Great Uncle. This man has fought off pirates on the open sea, ventured through jungles and been part of multiple inside jobs retrieving lost artifacts and stolen cars. He has amassed fame and fortune that few ever know. He is now giving you the chance of a lifetime. Solve the mysteries and magic that lie within this experience and his inheritance is yours. Can you prove you are worthy to live “The Legacy?”

Next, we were treated to a catered lunch in their party room. It was a great chance to compare notes with the other team and hear all about their experience.

The art studio was a fun touch. The entire group was able to bring out their inner Rembrandt. The instructors, Mark and Jessica were delightful. They walked us through the art of painting and made it fun and interesting for all. This group showed some real talent. The best painting prize went to Christine Picior.

The best part however, was the Trick Art Museum. This 3D, interactive art gallery was amazing. We had the chance to immerse ourselves in a fantasy world of art. Over 50 paintings of a scale you have to see to believe transform you to a different reality. The winners of the most creative photos were James Knight and Linda Gault.

Do you want to fight off dinosaurs, climb the stairway to heaven or walk in space? You can do it at HeadzUpVegas. Look them up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram today and plan your visit.

HeadzUp Gallery – 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV – Phone: (702) 971-0591

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