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What is Gym Etiquette? The manner in which we conduct ourselves and our actions in the fitness area. Proper gym etiquette consists of stated or unspoken rules to ensure the well-being and mutual respect among gym-goers. The gym is a place one goes to improve personal aspects of health, fitness, and wellness. While working out may or not be the most enjoyable part of your routine, there are a few things each of us can do to improve everyone’s experience and limit any negative ‘vibe.’ The following is a list I have compiled based on my observations and research:

1) Be courteous to others. Watch your language, lend a hand, and do not interrupt someone with conversation during their set. This is dangerous and rude. Anything you have to say should wait until the person is finished or resting.

2) Dress appropriately. You should be able to move around without exposing yourself.

3) Clean up after yourself, returning all weights to their proper place. If you can load the weights, you can unload the weights. Wipe off the equipment after you finish using it. Gyms can be very germy and illnesses spread easily. No one wants to lay on a bench drenched with your sweat!

4) Do not fool around on, or hang out on the equipment. The gym is not the place to play around. It is dangerous and annoying to others who would like to use a specific piece of equipment. While you may be on your smartphone catching up on social media, be aware of others who are waiting to use the bench or machine you are taking up space on.

5) Share equipment. Let others jump in if the gym is crowded. Rotate others in to your set. Do not take up several machines and equipment and expect not to share.

6) Concentrate and focus on your workout, not what others are doing. Few people enjoy being watched while they are working out.

7) Give others space. Do not workout directly in front of the weight racks.

8) Turn off your cell phone. Using your cell phone during a workout is sometimes necessary; however, it may impair your workout. Using your cell phone is a distraction to others, as well. If you need to make or answer a call, do so in private. Also, be aware of others if you have to text while occupying gym equipment.

9) Keep your music to yourself. Headphones are meant for your ears and not for others to tolerate.  

10) Rack your weights when you are finished with them. Be considerate of others who may not want to remove 500 pounds of plates from the leg press, etc.

11) Grunting and excessive noise while lifting weights: Keep the noises to a minimum. Sound effects quickly grow quite bothersome to others working out anywhere near you. This goes for dropping and slamming weights on the ground.

12) Personal hygiene: Launder your workout gear regularly. Come into the gym with clean gym shoes. If you sweat, bring a towel and wipe down the machine or equipment. Washing your hands and using sanitizer will help to reduce the spreading of germs and bacteria.

13) Selfies and flexing in the mirror: Nothing says “self-absorbed” more than these. Believe it or not, they are really not a necessary part of working out. Check out your gains at home.  

There you have it fitness peeps, Laura’s TOP 13 Rules of Gym Etiquette. To maintain a positive workout environment, it is important to be aware and do your part to promote an enjoyable gym culture. Over the years, I have observed and experienced first-hand all of these violations. The gym is a place where people come together working toward individual health, fitness, or bodybuilding goals. Though our modes are different, we should all expect to adhere to the same gym etiquette.


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