Why I Love Mesquite

After spending most of my life as a “rocky mountain” lady in Montana and Utah, my husband Steve and I decided to switch from being “snowbirds” to full-time “desert dwellers.” After researching several areas in different states, we selected Mesquite for its location, as our kids and grandkids are in the Salt Lake City area. Certain criteria had to be met for our new location: abundant options for golf, places to ride our bikes, access to fitness facilities, and live theater. In September 2017, we relocated to Sun City Mesquite and I have never been busier. In six months, I’ve learned to tap dance at the Mesquite Rec Center, performed with the Mesquite Showgirls, performed with the Virgin Valley Theater Group in The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, and entered and was crowned Ms. Senior Mesquite 2018. Through this journey I’ve discovered Mesquite to be a patriotic and caring community — young and old volunteering to help make our city safe and enjoyable. Life is good. The air is clean. What is not to love about living here

~ LE Ann Elder Kalstein


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