Why I Love St. George

I was a sixteen year old air corps bride when I first visited St. George, Utah. Being a city girl, it was quite a shock to me. Dirt roads, only one street was paved and it ran through town connecting St. George to the outside world. A sleepy, quiet little piece of pioneering history tucked away in a valley surrounded by breathtaking beauty. One culture of religious people dedicated to hard work, family, and assisting others.

Fast forward to a young-at-heart ninety-one-year-old great, great, great-grandmother retired in St. George and loving every minute of this booming, blooming, energetic city. The culture now is more diversified and has expanded with a swift growing economy, plus developing opportunities. There is something for everyone. There is excellent leadership and guidance, a large choice of entertainment, and indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Unsurpassed are the medical facilities, doctors and personnel, respected law enforcement, fire department and emergency services. We have a limitless variety of shopping options, various means of transportation, and outstanding education for all ages. A choice of every design of housing is available. There really is something for everyone.

Some things have not changed. St. George is still surrounded by beauty, awesome mountains — some of which are snow capped — red rock, black lava, lovely greenery, red desert sand, and encircled by national parks, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. The air, water, and area are sparkling clean. The most important ingredients to make this all happen are the people who are proud to be Americans, loving the freedom to practice their religious beliefs, to share their time, talents, and treasures when the opportunities arise. Neighbor helping neighbor with a warm welcome home. Now you know Why I love St. George, Utah.

~ Pat Shoemaker-Glessner

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