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Terri Hartley

Whether she’s scaling the sheer sides of the cliffs at Zion National Park, underwriting from a complex set of financials as a vice president at Wells Fargo in Cedar City, Utah, or ensuring transparency and accountability of city government as a Cedar City Councilwoman, Terri Hartley is never one to fear a challenge. Born and raised in the small, rural southern Utah town of Cedar City, Terri essentially grew up outdoors, playing night games in the neighborhood, riding in a Dodge pickup truck to their family ranch near Bryce Canyon, fishing, hiking, swimming, bike riding, and having fun backyard summer sleepovers. After graduating from Cedar High School, Terri decided to go into finance and attended Southern Utah University (SUU) part-time to get her accounting education while she worked as a part-time teller at, what was then, First Security Bank (eventually purchased by Wells Fargo). Terri has been with them ever since, being selected as one of the first female vice presidents at Wells Fargo in southern Utah.

“I studied and trained hard, working myself up the ranks to the position I now hold, during a time when women were not bank officers.” Terri said. “I am grateful to the wonderful mentors who helped me along the way and made this possible.”

Terri’s steady, strong and collaborative leadership style has made her a natural standout choice for many positions of leadership in her work and community, so much so, that she was recently chosen as Cedar City’s Woman of the Year. Terri served as President of the Cedar City Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as on their board for multiple terms, and helped put on the Chamber’s annual Awards Banquet and fundraising golf tournament. She also helped establish the very first American Cancer Society Relay For Life in Cedar City, and served as the race’s Chairperson. She served two terms on the Cedar City Airport Board, as well as on the Utah Summer Games Board of Commissioners and the National Advisory Board to the President at SUU.

Terri is currently in year three or a four-year term as a Cedar City Councilwoman.  Being a banking leader, her extensive financial expertise has proven to be a strong asset in helping city government to wisely manage city resources, funding, and planning. It’s been said the best kind of leader is the one that works alongside those they serve, and Terri Hartley is the living example of this. Pulling weeds on Main Street for the “Sparkle Cedar City” campaign, repainting curbs in the Cedar City downtown area, and is even, in her words, “throwing all caution to the wind” by agreeing to dance in the Dancing With Your Community Stars fundraiser for the Iron County Children’s Justice Center which serves abused and neglected children are just some of the things she has done. 

To know Terri personally, though, is to know that Terri’s priority is 100-percent family. She is married to Wayne Hartley, who moved to Cedar City from West Palm Beach, Florida back in 1981 to attend SUU. They have four children, along with five grandchildren, and granddaughter-in-law, all of whom they adore. Two of their grandchildren are currently living with them while attending SUU, and Terri says she loves the extra time she gets to spend with them. Wayne recently retired from teaching high school mathematics in Iron County high schools for 30 years.

Terri works hard, but play is important to her, too. During the winter months, you can find her snowmobiling with her family in the backcountry of the Cedar Breaks/Brian Head area with hundreds of exciting miles of trails and hills to climb. In lean snow years, travelling to Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon has provided quality family time and spectacular riding. During the summer months, Terri enjoys hiking and camping with her family. She also enjoys golfing, mountain biking, four-wheeling, boating, and just about anything you can do outdoors.

Terri treasures good friendships, and very much values her time spent with friends. She has a group of seven friends from high school, affectionately called The GIVs (Geeks in Vans), who, for the past 30 years, get together for a three-day summer vacation every year. She also loves spending time with new friends, her bridge club, fellow friends who love politics as much as she does, clients, or work friends.  

She loves Halloween and dressing up in costume to welcome trick-or-treaters, cutting a real Christmas tree every year with family for Christmas, reading John Grisham novels, local arts, such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival and Tuacahn, the music of Justin Timberlake, and closely following local, state, national, and international news as a self-described “news junkie.” She’s proud to call Cedar City her home for her entire life, and loves all it has given her over the years. Giving back to this community is one of her greatest privileges and joys.

View On Magazine is in awe of all that Terri has accomplished. Thank you for serving your community throughout the years.

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