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by Keith Buchhalter, Public Affairs Specialist at Overton Power District No. 5

As I shared with you in previous articles, I am always excited to welcome new technology that will not only make our lives easier, but that will have a positive impact on our environment. Electric vehicles (EV) have been around for a while now. Probably the first EV that comes to mind is Tesla. There’s a reason they have have dominated the market in recent years — they offer a great product and provide an infrastructure nationwide that makes it easier for their customers to find charging stations wherever they go.

There is a plethora of brands joining the EV revolution; however, it has taken time to build a similar infrastructure as Tesla. The time has now come. Pretty soon there will be EV charging stations along I-15, making it easier for EV drivers to travel with confidence knowing they have options to charge their vehicles while driving from Mesquite to Las Vegas.

The news I am excited to share is that on September 5, 2018, Overton Power District No. 5 (OPD) was awarded two grants from the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy (GOE) to fund the construction of two EV charging stations along the I-15 corridor, one in Moapa and one in Mesquite, Nevada. Each grant awarded is worth $150,000, and construction must be completed no more than six months after the Notice of Award (NOA) was issued.

These two EV charging stations are part of the state’s initiative to complete the Nevada

Electric Highway (NEH) that will serve the entire state by 2020. Funding for the EV

charging stations was awarded by the GOE through a reimbursable sub-grant process to

electric providers who will operate and maintain EV charging stations either by direct

ownership, or by executing third-party host-site agreements for EV charging stations

within their service territory.

OPD has identified and secured a host-site location for the EV charging

stations in Moapa, Nevada, and Mesquite, Nevada.

To be considered a host-site, applicants met the following requirements:

  • 3-phase power
  • Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Public restrooms
  • Amenities
  • Host-site must be located no further than five miles from Interstate Highway 15 (I-15)
  • Agree to keep the stations operational for 5 years
  • Agree to pay for the operational and maintenance costs
  • Outdoor area accessible to the public – four parking spaces
  • Agree to accept the ownership of the fill stations
  • Agree to the removal of the fill station if non-operational for a period of 60 days

By the time you read this article, construction will be on its way, and if you drive an EV you will soon enjoy the peace of mind that there will be safe place to charge your vehicle so you can simply enjoy the ride.

From all of us at Overton Power District No. 5, we wish you and your family a safe 2018 Holiday Season!

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