Why I Love Mesquite

Let me count the ways. I found Mesquite 10 years ago while looking for a place outside of California to retire. I wanted to live in a small town with a slower pace and simple lifestyle where I feel most comfortable. I also crave the great outdoors, which southern Nevada and the environs offer in abundance. The knowledge that Pulte was building a new Sun City Mesquite community also got my attention.

I have not been disappointed with living where I easily recognize friends and acquaintances and where I am recognized as well. It’s the familiarity that gives me a sense of belonging. After all, it’s always the people who matter the most, and it’s the residents of Mesquite who make this town the special place it is. Their generosity of time and resources is a constant source of wonder and adoration.

I immediately immersed myself in Sun City and in the greater Mesquite area. I joined. I volunteered. I took classes. I thrived. It has been easy to make friends with interesting and welcoming people. It has been all I hoped it would be. I made a good choice. I am grateful.

~ Mariann Estes

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