About Us

ViewOn Magazine is a bi-monthly publication that will inspire, inform, and enlighten residents and visitors alike. We bring readers important information about the area through our specialized ”ViewOn” sections, feature articles, and more.

Here are a few examples:

*View on Business
*View on Design
*View on Golf
*View on Energy
*View on Inspiration
*View on Nonprofit
*View on Travel

ViewOn Magazine is inspired by the beauty, history, and future of Mesquite, Moapa Valley, the Arizona Strip and southern Utah. We have a passion for community, and our content celebrates what makes our communities special. The people and businesses who make these areas thrive, the magnificent terrain, and the endless ways to enjoy it, indoors and out.

In our complimentary bi-monthly print publication, we strive to highlight and promote business and community leaders with their dedication to local interests and growth, while preserving the foundation and spirit of how these communities came to be.

Our current issues will be available online giving our communities more exposure. This added benefit provides complimentary access to some of our content for readers who prefer digital consumption, as well as people beyond our wide distribution area.

We have come a long way since the magazine’s inception in 2007, and we are dedicated to its continuous improvement. As a true community publication, we seek, and give heed to, feedback from our readers, contributors, and advertisers to ensure our pages reflect your vision as well as ours.

As enthusiastic members of your community, we relish the time and care we devote to each issue, and hope you enjoy the result.